Scattering Ashes Laws & Regulations

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September 21, 2017
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January 8, 2018

Scattering Ashes Laws & Regulations

Know the Regulations of Cremation

With the rising popularity of cremation, it is likely that you or a loved one is considering it over traditional burials. There are lots of reasons why it’s a fantastic option. Cremation is cheaper, requires less labor, and is better for the environment than being buried in a grave. However, before you make your decision, make sure you know some of the regulation on where and how your ashes can be spread.

How Ashes can be spread

Regulations on spreading ashes are predominantly enforced and managed by the EPA. A large portion of the restrictions over how and where you spread ashes come from property disputes or environmental safety concerns. For example, you are allowed to spread your ashes at sea as long as you’re 3 nautical miles off the coast or less; however, your ashes, and other organic items like flowers, are the only things you are allowed to spread. Anything else you decide to chuck in the water in considered a pollutant and is illegal. In addition, make sure you inform the EPA where you plan on spreading ashes and they can give your further information on what is and is not allowed.

There is also a concern about spreading your ashes in private property. If you want to spread your ashes in land you own or public land that is typically allowed. However, if you decide to spread your ashes on someone else’s property though, you must get the permission of the land owner.


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