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Burial at Sea

Scattering Ashes at Sea

Whether you have recently lost a loved one, or have inherited remains that were entrusted to your care, thank you for visiting our site. Scattering ashes at sea has become a time honored tradition and we will help memorialize your loved one. At Rest Ashured, we want you to know that we take the process of ash scattering very seriously. Whether it’s Burial at Sea or you are planting a tree in memory of someone as a living tribute, it is truly an honor to walk alongside others during this journey to a loved one’s final resting place. If you have any questions about the scattering ashes laws and regulations, burial at sea costs, or are looking for ideas for ash scattering ceremonies, please know that we’re simply a phone call away.

Burial at Sea: Scattering Ashes in the Outer Banks

For those wanting their loved one to rest at sea, we offer to scatter their ashes off the shores of North Carolina’s Outer Banks (OBX).  The string of islands, laid end-to-end just off the coast of North Carolina and a portion of Virginia, are beloved for their stunning beaches, rich history, pleasant weather, and diverse wildlife. Rest Ashured has the proper license required for burial at sea, and can help you plan a dignified ash scattering ceremony to create a memorable experience for family and friends.

So what is the Outer Banks?

The Outer Banks (‘OBX’) is a 200-mile string of peninsulas and barrier islands that separates mainland North Carolina from the expansive Atlantic Ocean. For most though, it is more than just a string of beach communities, it’s a patchwork of rich history and culture.  From the first English settlement in the New World to Blackbeard himself, OBX has roots. Many resident families have been there for generations. It can even boast as the birthplace of aviation, with the Wright Brothers first taking flight from one of their very own dunes in Kitty Hawk!

  • Linda | Oakton, VA
    My experience with Rest Assured made the burial at sea of my best friends ashes painless at a time of great sadness and grief.
    Linda | Oakton, VA
  • James | Annandale, VA
    Thank you Rest Ashured for your professionalism and for the services you provide to those of us seeking burials at sea.
    James | Annandale, VA

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