“Together Forever” Unattended Burial at Sea


For families who wish to honor a couple’s last request of being together forever at sea, but can’t be there in person, we offer the “Together Forever” Burial at Sea option.  This service is offered at any of our locations off the coast of Virginia or North Carolina.   Following the beautiful ocean release, three miles offshore, we will send a Certificate or Release. This keepsake will display the couple’s names, as well as the date and coordinates of the scattering. Please note: Ashes may be shipped to our Virginia location, but for unattended arrangements at our Charleston and Outer Banks locations, the ashes must be personally delivered to our boat captains.


This burial at sea option allows two sets of ashes to be scattered at the same time in the same location.

The Process

When you select this service, the process follows a few simple steps.

  1. Wait for both sets of ashes to be ready for scattering. Then, place your order for this “Together Forever” scattering service.
  2. Watch for a package from us. We’ll send all the necessary packing materials and shipping instructions.
  3. We’ll send your ashes with a boat captain to be scattered together at sea.
  4. The date and location will be recorded. We’ll send a Certificate of Release marking the scattering details.

You can Rest Ashured knowing the ashes were scattered with dignity and respect.

Additional information

Select Location

Outer Banks, North Carolina, Topsail Island, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Charleston, South Carolina