Our Process

The respectful scattering of ashes can be a meaningful part of memorializing a loved one. We want to make this as simple as we can, with just a few steps to follow:


Pick a scattering service:

  • Pre-planning
  • Virginia scattering garden
  • Memory tree dedication
  • Burial at sea


Watch for a package from us with all necessary packing materials. 

Everything you need is included: boxes, label, tape, and simple instructions.


Ship the package to us.

Drop the package at your local post office. (We also offer personal pickup for certain areas.)


Receive a Certificate of Release.

After an unattended scattering, we will send you a Certificate of Release that includes the date and the exact location of the scattering.


Rest Ashured…

knowing that your loved one has been treated with the utmost care and dignity.

We can’t remove the sadness of your loss, but we can remove the complications of laying a loved one to rest. We’ve tried to think of everything to relieve you of worries, and strive to make our process as simple as possible.