Terms and Conditions

I hereby certify and declare that I have the full and unchallenged legal authority to authorize the disposition of the remains.

I hereby authorize the Humble Beginnings Services, LLC to effect the dissemination of the remains in a dignified, and respectful manner, and in accordance with Federal, State, and Municipal laws.

I understand that all burials at sea by Humble Beginnings Services, LLC are performed in a respectful manner and weather permitting.

I understand that the dissemination of the remains is unrecoverable.

I understand that I’m responsible for the costs associated with mailing the cremation remains via USPS Priority Mail Express to Humble Beginnings Services, LLC.

I understand that the delivery of the remains to Humble Beginnings Services, LLC is my responsibility and that Humble Beginnings Services, LLC is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, the remains in transit.

I understand that if I use an Urn as the inner shipping container, it must be sealed in a way that it will not open and understand the Urn will not be returned.

I agree to release and hold Humble Beginnings Services, LLC, its employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns harmless from any and all loss, damage, liability or causes of action (including attorneys fees and expenses of litigation) in connection with the disposition of the remains.

I understand that alcohol is prohibited on the property.

I understand the Humble Beginnings Services, LLC property is private and is not for public use. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

I understand that Humble Beginnings Services, LLC is not obligated to provide any refunds once my order is placed. Any refund that is provided will have had the 3% transaction fee, originally charged to Rest Ashured, subtracted.

I understand thatHumble Beginnings Services, Inc reserves the right to take photographs of all memory stones for display in advertising, marketing, or on the Restashured.com website.

We take great care in planting and maintaining our memory trees, however, we cannot guarantee their survival. In the case that a tree dies, Humble Beginnings Services, LLC will replace the tree with a similar tree. Depending on the tree’s age, it may be notably smaller.  We will take care in digging out a large area surrounding the tree, so the ashes are sure to be included.