Planning a Future Scattering Service

You’ve planned for all the important events in your life — such as marriage, graduation, and career — so why would you leave this last critical decision for someone else to make?

Even if you’ve already planned to be cremated, you’re still only halfway there.  What will happen to your ashes after cremation?  Does your family know your wishes?  And do you want them to be left with the burden of making that decision in the midst of their sorrow?

Give them this one last gift: peace of mind that they carried out all of your final wishes.

We can’t remove the sadness of their loss. But we can remove the complications of these final arrangements.  Both you and your family can “Rest Ashured” that your plans will be carried out with dignity, honor, and respect after you’re gone.

Here are two options for pre-planned arrangements:

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Scatter Garden


Example memorial rock

Whether a family member or a friend, your loved one’s ashes will be released in our beautiful Scattering Garden with care and compassion. An engraved and personalized memorial stone will then be placed at the scatter site to serve as a constant remembrance of their life. The event will be documented in a keepsake Certificate of Release, noting the date and location of the placement.

Or choose our Together Forever option (below) for couples.

Memory Tree


Tree planted in memory of someone

If you wish, we will plant an evergreen tree on our secluded private property, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Once your order is placed, we will plant the tree in your honor. Then, when the time comes, we will respectfully incorporate your ashes with fresh ground cover around the base of the tree.A personalized, engraved memorial stone will be placed beneath the tree.

Or choose our Together Forever option (below) for couples.

Together Forever Option | Pre-Planning

With our “Together Forever” option, couples can choose to have their ashes scattered at the same time in our beautiful mountaintop setting — either in our scatter garden, or at the base of a memory tree.

By making the arrangements now, couples can be confident that when the day ultimately comes when there are two urns to be scattered, we ensure that those ashes are permanently intermingled on our property.

Cremation Ash Scatter Memorial for Couples

Together Forever Scatter Garden Planning


Cremation Ash Scatter Memorial for Couples

Together Forever Option Tree Planning


Contact us to set up one of these planning options.

Some Common Questions Regarding Pre-Planning:

Military & First Responder Discount

On behalf of a grateful family, Rest Ashured is pleased to provide a 50% discount for those whose loved one has served our great country (including prior military and first responders). 

In order to receive the Condolence Code necessary for the discount, we request the appropriate documentation verifying the person’s service.  This could be a copy of their discharge form, ID card, certificate, etc.  If these are not available, please give us a call to discuss other forms of verification.

This discount does not apply to burial at sea.