Ash Scattering Services

Once the Memorial Service is over, and you are ready, let us help you say goodbye by laying your loved one to rest.

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was…

Ecclesiastes 12:7

Once the ashes have been scattered, you will receive a certificate of release that includes the date and location of the release.


Do we handle ash scattering for pets?

Yes. Although it wasn’t in our initial plan, due to the many requests for our four-legged friends we have set aside separate scatter gardens for Pet ash scattering.

See Our Pets Page

Our ash scattering garden and memory trees are in Virginia, while we also offer ash scattering at sea in the Outer Banks of North Carolina as well as Virginia Beach.

Initially, we were only considering the needs of those who had inherited ashes – people that were looking for an affordable and honorable place to relocate them. We wanted to fill that need while also providing legal, simple, and beautiful options. Then, as we talked with family, friends, and coworkers, we discovered that many people are now choosing cremation over burial – more than we had expected. The reasons range from the expense of burials to the transient nature of our society now. (Whereas generations of a family would all be buried in the same cemetery, people are now much less likely to stay in their hometown.) And many expressed their desire to have ashes scattered in a natural location versus an urn or mausoleum.

We take all necessary steps to abide by all US laws regarding the mailing and scattering of ashes. For instance, we use only the USPS for packaging materials and carrier service, as this is the only legal means of transporting ashes. Furthermore, we strictly follow EPA regulations for all ocean releases.

We try our best to accommodate everyone we work with, to the extent of our ability, and within all legal parameters. Ask us your question here.

At this time, our property is still very much in its natural state, and cleared only enough to enhance the beautiful views. Unfortunately, creating public access would require changes to the land that would prevent us from offering a truly peaceful and serene final resting place.

Why Rest Ashured?

We are a small family owned business that is dedicated to honoring God and all of His creation.

Our goal is to provide our customers with confidence that we will treat their loved one’s remains with dignity, honor, and respect.

100% of our profits are dedicated to enriching the lives of others in need.