Ash Scattering Services

Scattering ashes has become an increasingly popular and meaningful way to memorialize and remember loved ones. It is a unique way to offer a tribute to the memory of those we have lost. A variety of options for ash scattering in the U.S. have existed for years, but the laws governing ash scattering differ between states.

At Rest Ashured, we take all of the necessary steps to make sure we abide by U.S. laws and EPA Regulations, while making sure that we treat your loved one’s remains with dignity, honor, and respect. We offer ash scattering options for both people and pets that include gorgeous mountain views, memory tree dedications, scatter gardens with memory stones, and burial at sea.

Whether you go for the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia or the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina; we will handle the planning and help make the experience of remembering your loved one both unique and special.