Circle of Rocks for memorial

Scatter Garden

Scattering Garden

If you are looking for the perfect way to memorialize a loved one who had an appreciation for nature and its boundless beauty, our Scattering Garden and personalized Memorial Garden Stone may be the answer.

Our Scatter Garden

The property that surrounds our Scattering Garden is still very much in its natural state. It has been cleared only enough to enhance the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and portions of the James River. 

It’s an extraordinary site where every hour of the day brings new gifts. After sunrise, early morning clouds often nestle at eye level just across the river.  A nearby waterfall provides soothing sounds of rest and tranquility. The light breeze is as constant as the abundant wildlife living in and around this bluff. Later, a spectacular sunset over majestic mountains will take center stage. And after the sun goes down, the stars take over; away from the glow of city lights, the crystal-clear views of the heavens are rivaled only by those of the mountains. Here, life is undisturbed and unfiltered…revealing the awe of the Creator’s handiwork each day.

The Rest Ashured Scatter Garden in Virginia

Scattering Garden with a Personalized Memorial Stone


  • Ashes reverently scattered in mountaintop garden.
  • Engraved memorial stone placed at the site.

Whether a family member or a friend, your loved one’s ashes will be released in our beautiful Scattering Garden with care and compassion. An engraved and personalized memorial stone will then be placed at the scatter site to serve as a constant remembrance of their life. The event will be documented in a keepsake Certificate of Release, noting the date and location of the placement.

Or choose our Together Forever option (below) for couples.

Scatter Garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Example Memorial Rock with Name and dates

Together Forever Rock Example

Scattering Garden: “Together Forever”


Rest Ashured has a new option for couples who wish to have their ashes scattered at the same time and place, forever intermingled. 

With the “Together Forever” option, both ashes will added to our scattering garden, and a joint memorial stone placed to display the couple’s names.

Military & First Responder Discount

On behalf of a grateful family, Rest Ashured is pleased to provide a 50% discount for those whose loved one has served our great country (including prior military and first responders). 

In order to receive the Condolence Code necessary for the discount, we request the appropriate documentation verifying the person’s service.  This could be a copy of their discharge form, ID card, certificate, etc.  If these are not available, please give us a call to discuss other forms of verification.

This discount does not apply to burial at sea.

Follow These Five Simple Steps:


Pick a scattering service.


Watch for a package from us with all necessary packing materials.


Ship the package to us.


Receive a Certificate of Release.


Rest Ashured.