Celebration Days

Image of Cremation scatter garden for ash spreading service in Central Virginia

Come visit on our “Day of Celebration”.”

Rest Ashured is situated on secluded, private property—recognized by the County and permanently safe from development and intrusion. But while the location is not set up for day-to-day traffic, we do open the property twice a year for a special “Day of Celebration” — once in the spring, and again in the fall. 

On those two days, friends or family members are invited to come celebrate the life of a late loved one…to visit, remember and reflect.

Visitors will discover that we have nothing on the property that might detract from the pristine setting: no office building, no parking lot, no elaborate entranceway. Our goal is to maintain a natural, undisturbed environment…as close as possible to the way it was the day your loved one was laid to rest.

We will notify all families in our records well in advance of these events.