Meet our Family

The Bomar Family at the Rest Ashured Property in Virginia

We are a small, family-owned business dedicated to honoring God and all His creation. One way we feel we can best do that is to offer the land He’s blessed us with to help others – specifically those in need of a final resting place for a loved one. Our goal is to provide excellent communication with anyone who contacts us, and to perform an honorable scattering on their behalf.

It was after the death and cremation of a close relative – and thinking of how thankful we were to have a place to scatter the ashes of our loved ones – that we began to consider how others who didn’t have such a place might feel. What were their options? After much consideration and prayer, we felt we had finally discovered the reason why we were allowed to be stewards of such an amazing piece of land.

Initially, our focus was on those who had inherited ashes – people who were looking for an affordable, yet still honorable place to lay them to rest. We wanted to fill that need while also providing legal, simple, and beautiful options.

Then, as we talked with family, friends, and coworkers, we discovered that many people are now choosing cremation over burial – many more than we had expected. The reasons ranged from the expense of burials to the transient nature of our society now. (While generations of families in the past would often be buried in the same cemetery, people are now much less likely to stay in their hometown.) And many expressed their desire to be scattered in a natural location versus being placed in an urn or mausoleum.

Finally, after realizing that this adventure could allow us to donate more of our time and money to the charities we support, it became an obvious answer to our original ponderings about the needs of others. We had come full circle and not even realized it… We could serve others at the beginning (scatterings) and the end (charities) of this process. And so Rest Ashured was born.

100% of our profits will be dedicated to enriching the lives of others in need through various local and worldwide non-profit organizations.