Personal Pick Up


Rest Ashured Pickup Car

We will happily come and pick up your loved one’s remains if you’d prefer. The rate for this is $50/hour of travel.

The total price varies based on travel and distance. Please contact us with questions about calculating your distance.


Most of the time, our customers choose to ship their ashes to us through the postal service. In this case, we will send you a special container with the proper packaging and labels. If you prefer to have the ashes picked up, we can drive to you in our Rest Ashured vehicle. 

We are located in Central Virginia and mileage is calculated from that location. 

If you have any questions about whether this option is right for you, feel free to call us with any questions. We’re here to make the process as easy as possible. 

Our Process

  1. Pick an ash scattering service. The available memorial types include a scattering in our mountaintop garden, a memory tree dedication or a burial at sea service. 
  2. Select personal pickup. We’ll work with you to set up a time for pickup after you select the above service. After we collect the remains, we’ll conduct the ceremony you selected for the ash scattering. 
  3. Receive a Certificate of Release. After these unattended scattering services, we will send you a certificate of release. The certificate includes the date and exact location of your loved one’s ash scattering. 

You’ll be able to visit the location during our Day of Celebration.

Finally, you can Rest Ashured in the knowledge that your loved one has been memorialized with dignity and reverence. 

We strive to make our process as simple as possible. Our ash scattering services remove the complications of laying a loved one to rest.

Additional information

Personal Pickup

1 Hour (Round Trip), 2 Hours (Round Trip), 3 Hours (Round Trip), 4 Hours (Round Trip), 5 Hours (Round Trip), 6 Hours (Round Trip)