Site Views

A beautiful, final resting place

You won’t find an office building, parking lot, or elaborate entranceway on our mountaintop memorial property. In fact, we keep it closed to visitors for most of the year, to ensure the environment remains peaceful and undisturbed. You’ll find two cremation scattering gardens and memorial trees planted around the property. It’s truly a testament to God’s handiwork and provision. 

Our Cremation Scattering Gardens

This secluded, private property offers two lovely services for scattering ashes — our scatter garden and our memorial trees. 

Our Cremation Scattering Gardens create a centerpiece for our beautiful mountaintop site. We formed this garden from stone and filled it with river rocks of varying sizes. The names of loved ones mark the larger rocks as a permanent memorial to their lives. This is where we carefully scatter ashes during the unattended scattering service. There are two separate gardens. Our large, primary garden provides a resting place for your loved ones. We also have a smaller space for beloved pets nearby.

From this spot, you can see the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The sun shines across the portion of the James River that intersects the property. The gurgle of the nearby waterfall echoes across the landscape, bringing soothing sounds of tranquility. 

Abundant wildlife lives around this property, which we have only cleared enough to enhance the natural beauty and maintain the health of the forest. 

Our Memorial Trees

Around the property, you’ll also find evergreen memorial trees. We carefully select their location to ensure the health and longevity of the tree. 

When we plant these trees, we scatter ashes in the surrounding earth. At the foot of the tree, we place an engraved memorial rock to mark the tree forever.

Visiting Your Loved Ones

For those who wish to visit, we open our property for two days of celebration each year. During these days, we encourage family members to visit, remember, and reflect. Prior to that day, we notify the families in our records so they can plan to attend.