Scatter Garden

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  • Ash scatter garden

    Scatter Garden Planning

    You can reserve our ash scattering services as part of your end-of-life planning and will. With this service, you reserve:
    • Ash Scattering on our private property
    • Memorial Stone with your name 
    • Certificate of Release
    After we receive your ashes, the memorial stone will be updated with the appropriate dates for your lifespan.
  • Scatter Garden for Rest Ashured

    Scattering Garden with a Personalized Memorial Stone

    Whether a family member or a friend, your loved one’s ashes will be released in our beautiful Scattering Garden with care and compassion. An engraved and personalized memorial stone will then be placed at the scatter site. This memorial serves as a constant remembrance of their life. The event will be documented in a keepsake Certificate of Release, noting the date and location of the placement. Service Includes:
    • Ash Scattering on our Private Property
    • Memorial Stone with Name
    • Certificate of Release
    You can Rest Ashured knowing that your loved one has been put to rest with dignity and respect.
  • Cremation Ash Scatter Memorial for Couples

    Scattering Garden: “Together Forever”

    With this option, a couple’s ashes can be scattered together forever in our beautifully peaceful scattering garden. Family would hold the ashes until the time when both sets of ashes are available for scattering.  At that point, we will respectfully place the ashes in the garden.  Above the scattering site will lay a personalized stone standing as a permanent memorial to the couple.
  • Cremation Ash Scatter Memorial for Couples

    Scattering Garden: “Together Forever” Preplanning

    Couples who are pre-planning their final arrangements may want to consider this option so they can be together forever in our tranquil scattering garden. Our Together Forever plan will ensure that both sets of ashes are scattered together after we receive them from the family or funeral home. We will then place an engraved stone atop the ashes, personalized with the couple’s names.
  • Mountain View during summer

    Simple Scattering

    Mountain view landscapeAt Rest Ashured, we know that in some situations, you may simply be looking for a way to respectfully put ashes to rest without a great deal of cost or ceremony. For those instances, we offer our “Simple Scattering” service. We will show you how to obtain your own proper USPS-regulation packaging materials. Then, once we’ve received your shipment, we will reverently (and legally) scatter the ashes on our beautiful mountaintop site in Virginia. You’ll receive a certificate of release designating the date and location of the scattering. This option may be ideal for cases where the goal is to respectfully and correctly lay ashes to rest at a minimal cost, with no family members in attendance. This service is just $99. (Nor further discounts are available with this option.) Here’s how to obtain the proper packing materials for transporting the urn to us.

Showing all 5 results

We offer several types of services for our Scatter Garden. We can scatter the ashes of an individual, or, in appropriate circumstances, we can also scatter the ashes of a couple together. (If you are currently planning as part of your own last wishes, you can reserve our services for a future date. We offer this service for both individuals and couples.)

The Process

After you select one of our Scatter Garden services, we’ll contact you to finalize the details. You’ll receive a package from us that includes everything you need to ship the ashes to us. This includes:

  • Boxes
  • Label
  • Tape
  • Simple Instructions

You can ship this back to us from your local post office.  If you prefer, we do provide personal pickup for certain areas. You can select this separately below.

Once we receive your package, we’ll conduct an unattended scattering ceremony. Afterward, we’ll send you a Certificate of Release. This marks the date and exact location of the scattering of your loved one’s remains.

You can Rest Ashured with the knowledge that your loved one will be laid to rest with dignity and respect.

About Our Property

Our Scattering Garden is surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with a view overlooking portions of the James River. Nearby, a soothing waterfall provides sounds of rest and tranquility. This harmonizes with nature’s sounds of the birds and wildlife that live in and around this bluff. At Rest Ashured, life is undisturbed to highlight the awe of the Creator’s handiwork each day.

Days of Celebration

We encourage you to visit your loved one’s final resting place during our Days of Celebration. We hold these events twice a year in the spring and fall. This is a beautiful time to see your loved one’s memorial, and to reflect on their life.