Simple Scattering


At Rest Ashured, we know that in some situations, you may simply be looking for a way to respectfully put ashes to rest without a great deal of cost or ceremony.

For those instances, we offer our “Simple Scattering” service.

We will show you how to obtain your own proper USPS-regulation packaging materials. Then, once we’ve received your shipment, we will reverently (and legally) scatter the ashes on our beautiful mountaintop site in Virginia.

You’ll receive a certificate of release designating the date and location of the scattering.

This option may be ideal for cases where the goal is to respectfully and correctly lay ashes to rest at a minimal cost, with no family members in attendance.

This service is just $99.

(Nor further discounts are available with this option.)

Here’s how to obtain the proper packing materials for transporting the urn to us.