Simple Scattering


Mountain view landscapeAt Rest Ashured, we know that in some situations, you may simply be looking for a way to respectfully put ashes to rest without a great deal of cost or ceremony.

For those instances, we offer our “Simple Scattering” service.

We will show you how to obtain your own proper USPS-regulation packaging materials. Then, once we’ve received your shipment, we will reverently (and legally) scatter the ashes on our beautiful mountaintop site in Virginia.

You’ll receive a certificate of release designating the date and location of the scattering.

This option may be ideal for cases where the goal is to respectfully and correctly lay ashes to rest at a minimal cost, with no family members in attendance.

This service is just $99.

(Nor further discounts are available with this option.)

Here’s how to obtain the proper packing materials for transporting the urn to us.


Our Scatter Garden

The property that surrounds our Scattering Garden is still very much in its natural state. It has been cleared only enough to enhance the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and portions of the James River.

It’s an extraordinary site where every hour of the day brings new gifts. After sunrise, early morning clouds often nestle at eye level just across the river.  A nearby waterfall provides soothing sounds of rest and tranquility. The light breeze is as constant as the abundant wildlife living in and around this bluff. Later, a spectacular sunset over majestic mountains will take center stage. And after the sun goes down, the stars take over; away from the glow of city lights, the crystal-clear views of the heavens are rivaled only by those of the mountains. Here, life is undisturbed and unfiltered…revealing the awe of the Creator’s handiwork each day.

The Process

Once the memorial service is over, and you are ready, let us help you say goodbye.

Rest Ashured Ash Scattering Services offer reverent ash scattering options at sea or in beautiful mountaintop settings in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The respectful scattering of ashes can be a meaningful part of memorializing a loved one. We want to make this as simple as we can, with just a few steps to follow:

  1. Pick a scattering service.
  2. Watch for a package from us with all the necessary packing materials. Everything you need is included: boxes, label, tape, and simple instructions.
  3. Ship the package to us. Drop the package at your local post office. (We also offer personal pickup for certain areas.)
  4. Receive a Certificate of Release. After an unattended scattering, we will send you a Certificate of Release that includes the date and the exact location of the scattering.
  5. Rest Ashured…knowing that your loved one has been treated with the utmost care and dignity.

We can’t remove the sadness of your loss, but we can remove the complications of laying a loved one to rest. We’ve tried to think of everything to relieve you of worries, and strive to make our process as simple as possible.