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The Rise In Popularity Of Cremation

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Why Cremation is a Great Alternative to Burials

People are increasingly choosing to be cremated rather than having a traditional burial. As a matter of fact, Time magazine reported that people were choosing to be cremated 49% of the time in 2015, compared to only 45% who chose traditional burials. This is because in many ways cremation is more advantageous.

There are variety of reasons why cremation may be appealing. For one, it costs less than traditional burials. Traditional burials can cost many thousands of dollars. This is because burials require land that has to be bought, a more expensive handling process, and the arrangements can be pricy. However, cremation can sometimes cost just a few hundred dollars. This is much more manageable, and does not put undue stress on grieving families who may struggle to cover the expenses of a traditional burial.

Cremation can also reduce strain on the environment. Traditional burials require a lot of land, which means that land cannot be used for other purposes. With rising populations, it may become necessary for people to choose cremation, as traditional burials may become too costly.

Cremation Offers more Variety in Ceremonies

Many cremation services can help spread ashes in a variety of ways. Some offer a variety of locations; mountains, parks, and bodies of water are just some examples of locations. Cremators can also fly ashes to locations of your choosing, and aerial scattering is also an option.

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