Memory Tree: “Together Forever”


Rest Ashured offers another special option for couples -Together Forever Memory Trees.  Once we have received both sets of ashes from the family, we reverently scatter them together at the base of an evergreen or deciduous tree (your choice).  Then, after a fresh layer of mulch is lain to blanket the ashes, a personalized stone is set atop to memorialize the beloved couple’s lives.



One tree, two devoted people. Couples may opt to have their ashes scattered around a tree planted specifically in their memory. Adjacent to the tree we will place a personalized memorial stone to commemorate the lives of the loving couple.

Plant a Tree in Memory

Planting a tree in memory of someone can be a special way to honor him or her; your Memory Tree will serve as a beautiful remembrance of their life.

We will respectfully scatter the ashes during the planting process, and place an engraved and personalize memorial stone beneath his or her Memory Tree. A Memory Tree can also be planted without the ashes of a loved one.  For some families, they simply want a living memorial to stand for their loved one.  And we will place a memory stone below, to serve as a testament to the family’s love and reverence.