Plant a Tree in Memory


We will plant a tree in your loved one’s honor. 

This memorial includes: 

  • Ashes reverently scattered during tree planting
  • Engraved memorial stone placed beneath the tree

First, you select this service. Then, we will call you to discuss details, including:

  • Type of Tree
  • Memorial Engraving
  • Shipping Process

You can choose from a list of available trees that are native to the area (evergreen or deciduous). We’ll also place a personalized, engraved memorial stone at the base of the memory tree.



In order to help commemorate a loved one’s life, we will plant a Memory Tree to serve as a living tribute that could stand for hundreds of years! Sometimes called a Sympathy Tree, it will be planted near our secluded Scattering Garden in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  You may choose an evergreen or deciduous tree.

Planting a tree in memory of someone can be a special way to honor him or her; your Memory Tree will serve as a beautiful remembrance of their life.

We will respectfully scatter the ashes during the planting process, and place an engraved and personalized memorial stone beneath his or her Memory Tree.A Memory Tree can also be planted without the ashes of a loved one.  For some families, they simply want a living memorial to stand for their loved one.  And we will place a memory stone below, to serve as a testament to the family’s love and reverence.

With Ash Scattering

During the planting process, we will respectfully scatter the ashes. We also place an engraved memorial stone beneath the Memory Tree. 

Without Ash Scattering

Alternatively, you can plant a tree without the ashes of a loved one. This creates a living memorial. In this case, we will place a memory stone below, to serve as a testament to the family’s love and reverence. 

We usually plant the tree within a week of receiving ashes. During very hot or cold weather, we may need to wait for milder temperatures. This ensures a successful planting. 

We will discuss memorial details including your preferred tree and memorial stone engraving after your order is placed.

In the future, you will be able to visit your loved one’s tree during our two Days of Celebration each year. We hold one in the spring and another in the fall.