Memory Tree: A Living Tribute

Plant a Tree in Memory

Our land is still very much in its natural state, and cleared only enough to enhance the breathtaking views. While there are no words to truly describe it, these are a few of our favorite observations….

Early morning clouds often settle at eye level across the river, nestled in the ridges of neighboring mountains. The nearby waterfall provides the soothing sound of rest and tranquility. The breeze on your face is as constant as the abundant wildlife just living all around this bluff. Later, a spectacular sunset over the majestic Blue Ridge mountains will take center stage. After the sun goes down, the stars will take over. Away from the glow of city lights, the crystal clear views of the heavens are rivaled only by those of the mountains. Here, life is undisturbed and unfiltered. Just another day in awe of the Creator’s handiwork!

Memory Tree In Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

In honor of your loved one, we will plant a memory tree to serve as a living tribute that will stand for hundreds of years! Your memorial tree gift, sometimes called a ‘sympathy tree’, will be an evergreen or deciduous tree planted on our secluded property nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Whether it be a family member, friend, or pet – we will respectfully scatter the ashes during the planting process and place an engraved memorial stone next to your memory tree.

Planting a tree in memory of someone can be a special way to honor them. Your memorial tree gift will serve as a remembrance of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can say a requested prayer or verse, but it is not an actual ceremony. Our ash scattering is meant to take place after the family has held their memorial service. Likewise, we do not hold such services.

You may choose whether you would like an evergreen of deciduous tree. Depending on the availability in our area, we may be able to offer more specific kinds of each.

We are usually able to plant the tree within a week of receiving the ashes, but during very hot or cold weather, we may wait for a more favorable climate to ensure the trees’ success.

We do open the Rest Ashured property for two Days of Celebration, once in the spring and then in the fall. On these two days we invite family and friends to remember and celebrate their late loved one.

Depending on where you live, you may be interested in our Personal Pick-up option.

It is only necessary to send the ashes for us to scatter. We will provide all the packaging material necessary for it to be mailed safely to us.

He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
Which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither…


Psalm 1:3

Military & First Responder Discount

On behalf of a grateful family, Rest Ashured is pleased to provide a 50% discount for those whose loved one has served our great country. This includes prior military and first responders.

In order to receive the Condolence Code necessary for the discount, we request the appropriate documentation verifying their service.  This could be a copy of their discharge form, ID card, certificate, etc.  If these are not available, please give us a call to discuss other forms of verification.

  • Linda | Lancaster, PA
    The feeling on my shoulders has been lifted as I am smiling seeing my mother smiling down on us and saying well done.  I love it. Thank you.
    Linda | Lancaster, PA
  • Ruth | Glen Allen
    Her dogwood tree is beautiful and the setting is just lovely.
    Ruth | Glen Allen
  • Betty | Lynchburg, VA
    Offering to plant a tree in his honor made my heart so happy.  It’s like a part of him lives on. Thank you so much for your patience and concern during my most difficult time.
    Betty | Lynchburg, VA

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