Funeral Planning Checklist

Steps to Take When a Loved One Dies

This document includes printable checklists to make the unthinkable a little bit easier.

You’ll find lists for:

  • As Soon as Possible
  • Within a Few Days
  • Leading up to the wake
  • Within a few weeks

You can Rest Ashured with these lists in hand.

Whether a loved one’s death is sudden or expected, many people are overwhelmed by the process of facilitating their departure. You will need to determine their final wishes and do your best to honor their memory. This includes personal details like arranging their memorial as well as practical processes like initiating probate.  This list prepares you for the documents they’ll need.

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As Soon as Possible:

1. Get a Pronouncement of Death

2. Arrange for Organ Donation

3. Notify friends and Family

4. Arrange for Care of Dependents and Pets

5. Call Your Loved One’s Employer

6. Secure Large Property (eg: house, car)

7. Decide What You Will Do with the Remains

8. Arrange for Transportation of the Body

Start planning today!