Together Forever Sections

Scattering Garden: “Together Forever”


Rest Ashured has a new option for couples who wish to have their ashes scattered at the same time and place, forever intermingled. 

With the “Together Forever” option, both ashes will added to our scattering garden, and a joint memorial stone placed to display the couple’s names.

Memory Tree: “Together Forever”


One tree, two devoted people. Couples may opt to have their ashes scattered around a tree planted specifically in their memory. Adjacent to the tree we will place a personalized memorial stone to commemorate the lives of the loving couple.

“Together Forever” Burial at Sea

This option provides the opportunity for a couple’s ashes to be released at sea, from any of our eastern seaboard locations. (All of the other details of the excursion remain the same as the single Burial at Sea services.)


Virginia Beach, VA
Up to 20 passengers

Outer Banks, NC
Up to 6 passengers

Topsail Island, NC
Up to 6 passengers


Together Forever Option | Pre-Planning

With our “Together Forever” option, couples can choose to have their ashes scattered at the same time in our beautiful mountaintop setting — either in our scatter garden, or at the base of a memory tree.

By making the arrangements now, couples can be confident that when the day ultimately comes when there are two urns to be scattered, we ensure that those ashes are permanently intermingled on our property.

Together Forever Scatter Garden Planning


Together Forever Option Tree Planning