Pet Memorial Stones


If you would like a personalized Pet Memorial Stone, you can add this option to your order along with any of our ash-scattering services. Whether it’s a Dog Memorial Stone, a Cat Memorial Stone, or some other kind of personalized memorial stone, we can help you create a long-lasting memory to commemorate your forever friend.

Product Details

  • 4-6 inch river rock
  • Engraved with a paw print design
  • Engraved with your pet’s name (up to 20 characters)



Animals provide companionship and emotional support during the time they share with you. Memorialize this unconditional love by choosing our pet scatter garden or a memorial tree as the final resting place for your dog or cat. You must choose one of these options before you order the memorial stone. 

Scatter Garden Option 
We scatter your pet’s ashes in a designated spot on our private property. Learn More…

Tree Dedication Option
We plant a tree on our private property and scatter your pet’s ashes during the planting process. You’ll be able to choose either an evergreen or deciduous (leafy) tree. Learn More…

Once you choose one of these options, you can order this memorial stone to mark your pet’s final resting place. This 4-6 inch river rock will be engraved with your pet’s name and a paw print design. It will forever mark your pet’s memorial at our mountain top property in Virginia. 

You’ll be able to visit the memorial stone for your pet during our twice-annual Days of Celebration. During this time, we encourage you to come to our property and visit your pet’s memorial. 

About Our Property
The Rest Ashured property is located within the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking the James River. The garden sits within the natural beauty of Virginia and has only been cleared enough to enhance the memorable views. It’s a wonderful place to lay your pet to rest.

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  • Pet memorials

    Pet Tree Dedication

    In honor of your beloved pet, we will plant an evergreen or deciduous tree on our secluded private property, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Respectfully, we will incorporate the ashes during the planting process and strategically place it to stand as a memorial to your forever friend. Service Includes
    • Memorial Tree (your choice of an evergreen or a leafy tree)
    • Ash Scattering during the planting process
    • Certificate of Release
  • Pet Memorial Stone

    Pet Scatter Garden

    Your pet’s ashes will be scattered with care on our private property, which overlooks the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and portions of the James River. Our Mountain View property is still very much in its natural state and cleared only enough to enhance the breathtaking views. Service Includes:
    • Ash Scattering in our Memorial Garden
    • Certificate of Release