Memory Tree Planning


Once your order is placed, we will plant the tree in your honor. To begin, please select the service below. Then, we’ll call you to discuss the available options for trees. We will plant either an evergreen tree or a deciduous tree on our secluded private property. 

When the time comes, we will respectfully incorporate your ashes with fresh ground cover around the base of the tree. We will also place a personalized, engraved memorial stone beneath the tree.


You can reserve a beautiful memorial tree as the final resting place for your cremation ashes. By selecting this plan for a memorial tree, you reserve your spot on our beautiful property located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

This is an ideal way to lay your ashes to rest after a cremation. Our process is simple. After the cremation and memorial service, your family can ship the ashes to us for our respectful scattering. We will also place a personalized, engraved memorial stone beneath your tree.

As we scatter, we can say a requested prayer or verse. While you cannot personally scatter the ashes, you will be able to visit the Rest Ashured property for two “Days of Celebration.” We open our property once in the spring and then again in the fall. On these two days, we invite family and friends to remember and celebrate their late loved ones. They’ll be able to visit your tree and view your memorial stone.

Give your family peace of mind that they carried out all of your final wishes. 

While we can’t remove the sadness of their loss, we can remove the complications of these final arrangements. Both you and your family can “Rest Ashured” that your plans will be carried out with dignity, honor, and respect after you’re gone.

The Process

If you choose to reserve a memorial tree with ash scattering, our process follows a few simple steps.

  1. Book this service with us. We’ll keep it in our records. Also, we’ll give you information to store with your important end-of-life documents.
  2. When your ashes are ready, your designated person will contact us.
  3. We’ll ship a package to them with all of the necessary packing materials. This also includes instructions for packing and shipping.
  4. Your designated person will ship the package to us, following the instructions
  5. Once we receive the package, we will scatter both ashes together with a memorial tree.
  6. Upon release, we’ll send a certificate of release back with the date of release and the exact location of your tree.

You can Rest Ashured knowing your final wishes have been planned and recorded.