Tree Dedication

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  • Memorial Tree at Rest Ashured

    Memory Tree Planning

    Once your order is placed, we will plant the tree in your honor. To begin, please select the service below. Then, we’ll call you to discuss the available options for trees. We will plant either an evergreen tree or a deciduous tree on our secluded private property.  When the time comes, we will respectfully incorporate your ashes with fresh ground cover around the base of the tree. We will also place a personalized, engraved memorial stone beneath the tree.

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With this service, we plant a tree in memory of someone who has passed. When you place the order, you’ll have the option to select either an evergreen or a deciduous tree. (We have a list of available trees that will thrive in this environment.)

This tree dedication service includes:

  • Ashes reverently scattered during tree planting
  • Engraved Memorial Stone
  • Certificate of Release

The ashes are incorporated during the planting process.

Our Process

When you select this service, we’ll send you a package for your loved one’s remains. Inside, the package contains the boxes, label, tape, and simple instructions. You can use these to properly prepare the cremated ashes for shipping. Then, you can drop it at your local post office.

If you prefer, we offer pickup for certain locations (CLICK HERE to view details). 

When we receive the ashes, we’ll spread them with the memorial tree as part of the planting process. We’ll also place a memorial stone at the base of the tree. This marks the spot with your loved one’s name and dates. 

Finally, we’ll send you a Certificate of Release. This records the date and exact location of the memorial tree.

You can visit your loved one’s tree during our annual Days of Celebration. We hold these twice a year during the spring and fall. On these days, we open our property to visitors, allowing them to visit their loved one’s memorial and reflect on their time together.

We’re here to help make this process as smooth as possible. Please contact us with any questions about our services.

About Our Property

Your tree will be planted near our secluded Scattering Garden in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. From this spot, you can see portions of the James River and hear the soothing sounds of a nearby waterfall. It’s truly a beautiful way to say goodbye.