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  • Ash scatter garden

    Scatter Garden Planning

    You can reserve our ash scattering services as part of your end-of-life planning and will. With this service, you reserve:
    • Ash Scattering on our private property
    • Memorial Stone with your name 
    • Certificate of Release
    After we receive your ashes, the memorial stone will be updated with the appropriate dates for your lifespan.

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Once the memorial service is over, and you are ready, let us help you say goodbye. Rest Ashured Ash Scattering Services offer reverent ash scattering on our beautiful mountaintop setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our Scattering Garden

Private, serene, pristine.

Our mountaintop site in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia provides an extraordinarily beautiful setting for the scattering of ashes. The private property surrounding the scattering garden is still very much in its natural state, cleared only enough to enhance the breathtaking views of the mountains and the James River.

It offers a unique resting place that is both majestic and tranquil.

Memory Tree

In honor of your loved one, we will plant a memory tree to serve as a living tribute that could stand for hundreds of years!

We will respectfully scatter the ashes during the planting process, and place an engraved and personalize memorial stone beneath his or her Memory Tree. A Memory Tree can also be planted without the ashes of a loved one.  For some families, they simply want a living memorial to stand for their loved one.  And we will place a memory stone below, to serve as a testament to the family’s love and reverence.