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Ash Scattering Services

You’ve planned for all the important events in your life – marriage, education, and career ectara, so why would you leave this last critical decision for someone else to make?

And even if you’ve already planned to be cremated, you’re still only half way there.  What will happen to your ashes after cremation?  Does your family know your wishes?  And do you want them to be left with the burden of making that decision in the midst of their sorrow?

Give them this one last gift – peace of mind that they carried out all of your final wishes.

We can’t remove the sadness of their loss. But we can remove the extra steps involved in laying their loved one to rest.  Both you and your family can “Rest Ashured” that your remains will be treated with dignity, honor, and respect after your death.

When the time comes, your ashes will be scattered with care on our private property, which overlooks the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and portions of the James River. An engraved Memorial Stone, made to read “In memory of (your name)”, will be placed in the scatter garden.

If you wish, we will plant an evergreen or deciduous tree on our secluded private property, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Once your order is placed, we will plant the tree in your honor. Then, when the time comes, we will respectfully incorporate your ashes with fresh ground cover around the base of the tree. We will also have an engraved Memorial Stone, made to read “In memory of <name>”, placed beneath the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can say a requested prayer or verse, but it is not an actual ceremony. Our ash scattering is meant to take place after the family has held their memorial service. Likewise, we do not hold such services.

Because of many costs associated with this service which are out of our control (fuel, boat charter), we are not able to project what the cost will be at the time of the future scattering. We suggest letting family know of your wishes so that they can contact us when the time comes.

We do open the Rest Ashured property for two “Days of Celebration”, once in the spring and then in the fall. On these two days we invite family and friends to remember and celebrate their late loved one.

While Rest Ashured usually scatters the ashes of a loved one, we really do try to accommodate all requests. We will be happy to work with the family when the time comes.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.


Ecclesiastes 3:1

  • Lorrie | Lynchburg, VA
    While the future is still uncertain, his beautiful and peaceful final resting place is not, and we can not thank you enough.
    Lorrie | Lynchburg, VA
  • George | Manassas, VA
    Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. You made me feel comfortable in my time of concern [about planning for my future scattering site].
    George | Manassas, VA

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