Giving Back

Giving Back to the Community

Each month Rest Ashured supports an organization or cause to raise awareness about the business, non-profit, or critical need.

This month we are blessed to be supporting Providence Veteran Farm.

Providence Veterans Community is a 501c3 non-profit created by a Naval officer and his wife after their experience with a wartime deployment and the associated traumas. We are dedicated to improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of warriors, first responders, and their families ensuring they succeed in their most important mission - life.

Rest Ashured will give 100% of the profits generated by the Shirt Sales in the month of November to Providence Veteran Farm.

We understand the shirt is specific to Rest Ashured and that the “Message” on the back is a powerful reminder, but the goal is to help Providence Veteran Farm!

We will be working with a local business to produce the best quality shirts for the best price. Orders will be processed at the end of the month and will be shipped once they are received. Please be patient as it will take a few weeks to turn this around.

All Shirts $20 - Includes Shipping

Thanks for your order and may God bless!

Don't Want a Shirt but Still Want to Help?

Feel Free to donate towards this organization.

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