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Honoring Cremation Ashes Ideas

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Choosing how to put our loved one’s ashes to rest can feel overwhelming. There are many ideas for honoring cremation ashes — from creating jewelry to keeping them in an urn. Many people decide to pick a place to scatter ashes because it creates a place to visit in the future. 

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Scatter Atop a Mountain Garden
Plant a Memorial Tree 
Scatter Ashes at Sea 

Years ago, we were presented with this same situation. We wanted to honor our loved one through scattering. Yet we also wanted a place where we could visit and reflect. It needed to be somewhere special, beautiful, and most importantly, someplace that would be preserved over time. 

Cremation Ashes Ideas

After a memorial service, you can wait any length of time before deciding to scatter your loved one’s ashes. Many people even keep ashes in their homes for years while they mourn. Whenever you’re ready, scattering the ashes allows you a final moment of closure and a place to visit for reflection. We recommend choosing a scattering option that aligns best with the memories you have with your loved one.

Scatter Atop a Mountain Garden

Many people like the idea of scattering their loved one’s remains in a place they can visit from time to time. Ideally, it’s someplace registered for that purpose — and will be preserved over time. Scatter gardens are a wonderful option because they are filled with beauty and life. 

At Rest Ashured, we’ve actually created such a place in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Our scatter garden is a beautiful site with breathtaking views, abundant wildlife, and carefully-kept memorials. If you choose this service, you send the ashes to us through the mail. Then, we reverently scatter them on our mountaintop garden. Finally, we place an engraved memorial stone at the site and send a certificate of release. 

Although we keep the property closed to preserve the landscape, we open it twice a year for our days of celebration. During these days, we invite people to come and visit their loved one’s scattering sites. Visitors find it’s a meaningful time to pause, remember, and reflect.

Plant a Memorial Tree

Many people prefer the symbolism of planting a tree in memory of a loved one. Trees represent hope because of the way they grow from a small sapling into a beautiful tree. As they say, “Every gardener is an optimist.” 

As a resting place, a memorial tree celebrates a life well-lived by thriving in nature. Each year, as the tree grows taller, the memorial grows too. The tall trunk and long branches will point heavenward as a reminder of your loved one’s new home. 

We also provide this tree memorial service on our property. Similar to the scattering garden, we receive your loved one’s ashes through the mail. Then, we prepare a site for a new tree — scattering the ashes during the planting process. After planting, we place a stone at the base of the tree and send a certificate of release. 

The memorial trees are also available for visitation during the days of celebration. Our visitors enjoy seeing the tree grow from year to year.

Scatter Ashes at Sea

The ocean holds a special meaning for many people. Many people scatter ashes in the sea when the person has served in the Navy, Coast Guard, or Marines. Others choose it as a final resting place for fishermen. Many families like to choose a seaside close to a favorite vacation spot — where they spent quality time with their loved one. 

Burial at sea is legal as long as you abide by the EPA guidelines. This means you’ll need to be at least 3 nautical miles offshore and file appropriate paperwork. We recommend choosing a scattering service that is familiar with these guidelines and operates in compliance with the regulations. Then you are free to focus on your family and friends during the scattering ceremony. 

At Rest Ashured, we offer two types of burial at sea: attended and unattended. Attended ceremonies allow the family and friends to journey with the remains on a boat to the scattering location. Unattended ceremonies take place without the family or friends present.

During these ceremonies, the boat captain navigates to the appropriate location for scattering. At that spot, we respectfully scatter the remains. Afterward, the boat captain ensures that the proper paperwork is filed with the EPA. 

Honor Cremation Ashes with Rest Ashured

Our experiences with scattering ashes have shown us how much people need a personal way to say goodbye. Often, we hear that our clients plan their own ceremony, complete with readings and music to honor the life of their loved ones. They may hold it in a religious building, an informal venue, or even in a location that their loved one adored. After their special ceremony, they appreciate our simple and respectful process — where we scatter cremation ashes in our scattering garden in an unattended ceremony. From the actual memorial ceremony to the final goodbye when they send us their loved one’s ashes, our clients appreciate the personal touch offered by a memory garden.

Our advice? Select whatever works best for you from these cremation ashes ideas.

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Our ash scattering services are a labor of love. We are honored by each scattering and help people say goodbye with dignity and respect. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us. Call 434-534-4007 or email us at

Loss & Grief - Ideas for honoring cremation ashes
Loss & Grief – Ideas for honoring cremation ashes