Burial at Sea

Scattering Ashes at Sea

There are many reasons why people choose a burial at sea for post-cremation ash scattering. The ocean often has special meaning with people, whether it be a simple love and appreciation for nature and God’s beauty, or maybe a military career that was spent with the Navy, or many wonderful memories of family and friends on beach vacations. Whatever the reason, if you and your family is interested in scattering ashes at sea in North Carolina, or in Virginia, we have got you covered.

Spreading ashes at sea has become a time-honored tradition and we will help memorialize your loved one. At  Rest Ashured, we want you to know that we take the process of ash scattering very seriously. Whether its Burial at Sea or you are planting a tree in memory of someone as a living tribute, it is truly an honor to walk alongside others during this journey to a loved one’s final resting place.

Attended & Unattended Burial at Sea Options

Rest Ashured offers both ‘Attended’, and ‘Unattended’ Burial at Sea options for scattering ashes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For those who wish to be there while you release your loved one’s ashes into the sea, we have an amazing Captain that can carry up to 6 people on his beautiful boat. This short, three-mile voyage out to sea will allow you time to celebrate the life of your loved one and even conduct a private ceremony if you wish. We will put you in direct contact with the Boat Captain to schedule the special day and time. On your scheduled day, you will simply meet him at the boat slip to begin your time on the water. Total time on the water is about 1.5 hours.

For those who are unable to make the trip, or because of the unpredictability of the weather, the ‘Unattended’ option involves no coordination on your part, though we will inform you on the day of the release. The Captain and crew will take great care of the remains and handle the process with the dignity and respect it deserves.

NOTE: For Virginia Beach, we only offer the ‘Unattended’ option for spreading ashes into the ocean at this time.

Scattering Ashes at Sea

Attended Burial at Sea in North Carolina

We will put you in direct contact with the Boat Captain to schedule the special day and time. On your scheduled day, you will simply meet him at the boat slip to begin your time on the water. Total time on the water is about 1.5 hours. Due to the unpredictability of the weather and water conditions, please be advised the date and time frame will need to be confirmed the day before the scheduled release. We appreciate your understanding as our Captain, First Mate and Customers’ safety is paramount.

Unattended Burial at Sea in North Carolina

For those who are unable to make the trip to the OBX, or if circumstances are impacted due to the unpredictability of the weather, our ‘Unattended’ Burial at Sea option requires no coordination on your part, although we will inform you on the day of the release.

Unattended Burial at Sea in Virginia Beach

For those wanting their loved one to rest at sea, we offer to scatter their ashes off the beautiful shoreline of Virginia. Here, at Virginia Beach, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay merge into the inviting waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Gorgeous sunrises and seagulls hover over its beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions for people interested in spreading ashes at sea:

Yes, as long as you abide by the EPA guidelines under the MPRSA general permit for burial at sea. Rest Ashured has established our ash scattering at sea with these guidelines in mind and you can feel free to focus on your family.

Your price for Burial at Sea in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or in Virginia Beach is either $345 for Unwitnessed scattering at sea services, or $445 for Witnessed burial at sea ceremonies.

Yes. Rest Ashured offers Witnessed Burial at Sea services for those scattering ashes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We provide both witnessed and unwitnessed options on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We only offer unwitnessed scatterings in Virginia Beach.

According to the EPA, cremation ash must be scattered at least three nautical miles offshore. Also, a report must be filed with the EPA stating the GPS, among other information. All of this is provided by Rest Ashured. You can see more information at www.epa.gov/ocean-dumping/burial-sea

No, unfortunately EPA Regulations state that you cannot release pet remains into the ocean.

So what is the Outer Banks?

The Outer Banks (‘OBX’) is a 200-mile string of peninsulas and barrier islands that separates mainland North Carolina from the expansive Atlantic Ocean. For most though, it is more than just a string of beach communities, it’s a patchwork of rich history and culture.  From the first English settlement in the New World to Blackbeard himself, OBX has roots. Many resident families have been there for generations. It can even boast as the birthplace of aviation, with the Wright Brothers first taking flight from one of their very own dunes in Kitty Hawk!

A Burial At Sea Occurs when you take a small boat to scatter the ashes

About Virginia Beach

The Virginia Beach area has a long history as a strategic military center, with 3 military bases and Norfolk, Virginia serving as the largest naval base in the world. Many military families have ties to the area, along with fond memories of the hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches.

Burial at Sea Ceremony Ideas

As with any memorial to a recent loved one, families and friends often want to hold a scattering ashes ceremony together. These ceremonies may involve family and friends speaking and celebrating the deceased while reflecting on the impact on their lives, whereas in more formal situations they may actual have planned services of some kind.

With burial at sea ceremonies, it would either be handled together prior to setting out to sea, be it at a designated location or maybe even down at the dock. With ‘Attended Burial at Sea’ scatterings the ceremony may be held on the boat itself during the trip. Here are a few examples of Burial at Sea ceremonies:

Scattering Ceremony

Many families will want to take an active part in scattering the ashes of their loved one. In some ceremonies someone is designated to release the ashes, while in other ceremonies, guests will take a portion of the ashes to scatter individually. Guest may choose to share something before they release the ashes, or the group may choose to release the separated ashes all at once.

Lighting candles or casting flowers, petals, or wreaths on the water along with the ashes are all lovely choices. This gives the family a beautiful lasting scene to gaze upon as they finish their ceremony and celebration of life. There may be music, memories shared and glasses raised in honor of the deceased.

Floating Ceremony

In this ceremony, as opposed to physically scattering the ashes over open water, the cremation ash is placed in a specially designed water-soluble urn. (These can be found in several online sites.) The urns can be simple or very ornate, according to your taste.

After, or as a part of, the memorial, the urn is placed in the water. The urn floats for a couple minutes before it begins to sink and dissolve. To conclude the ceremony, guests will often toss live flowers, petals, or wreaths into the water as one final tribute.

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens?

Isaiah 40:12

  • James | Annandale, VA
    Thank you Rest Ashured for your professionalism and for the services you provide to those of us seeking burials at sea.
    James | Annandale, VA
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    My experience with Rest Assured made the burial at sea of my best friends ashes painless at a time of great sadness and grief.
    Linda | Oakton, VA

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