Short articles providing guidance and reassurance for difficult times of life.

a living tribute tree

5 Beautiful Reasons to Plant a Memory Tree

Throughout history, trees have represented life and the fundamental elements of existence. They provide shelter, fruit, and fuel. We nurture trees and receive nourishment in …
Ocean Water

Why Scatter Ashes at Sea

With the rising popularity of cremations, burial at sea ceremonies, or scattering ashes at sea, is also becoming more common. Oftentimes, land burials can be …
River Rock Memorial Stone

Memorial Stones and Moving Forward

It may sound silly that a personalized memorial stone could help someone move beyond their grief from the loss of a loved one, but it’s …
Woman holding globe

Funeral Traditions Around the World

How different religions practice burials around the world? No matter how uncomfortable the concept of dying may seem, the reality is that it is an essential …
Walking path in the woods

Burial or Cremation

Funeral Planning Save to Pinterest Planning for your death may necessitate some extremely difficult and uncomfortable decisions—and one of the most challenging aspects of funeral planning is …
Preparing a funeral plan

Planning Ahead for Your Death

Death is inevitable – Have you planned? Save to Pinterest It is tough to accept death as the inevitable outcome, and that makes thinking ahead for it …
plane taking off at sunset

Traveling With Ashes

What to know if you’re Traveling with Ashes There may come a time when you need to travel with ashes. Whether you are moving, trying to …
Urn for memorial service

The Rise In Popularity Of Cremation

Why Cremation is a Great Alternative to Burials People are increasingly choosing to be cremated rather than having a traditional burial. As a matter of fact, …