Thank You! Our Memory Garden

Honor someone special by planting a tree in our memory garden. Your Memory Tree will serve as a beautiful remembrance of their life. 

We will respectfully scatter the ashes during the planting process, and place an engraved and personalize memorial stone beneath his or her Memory Tree. A Memory Tree can also be planted without the ashes of a loved one.  For some families, they simply want a living memorial to stand for their loved one.  We will place a memory stone below, to serve as a testament to the family’s love and reverence.

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Memory Tree


The ashes will be incorporated into the soil during the tree planting process. Standing permanently beneath the tree is an engraved memorial stone.

  • Ashes reverently scattered during tree planting.
  • Engraved memorial stone placed beneath the tree.

Memory Tree: “Together Forever”


One tree, two devoted people. Couples may opt to have their ashes scattered around a tree planted specifically in their memory. Adjacent to the tree we will place a personalized memorial stone to commemorate the lives of the loving couple.

  • The ashes of both individuals would be provided to Rest Ashured at the same time, and released at the same time. This means that the scattering would not occur until both persons have passed and been cremated. (Families would hold the first ashes until the time comes for the second.)
  • A single stone will mark the scattering site, but it is large enough to hold the names and dates of both people.

Some questions commonly asked about Memory Trees:

Military & First Responder Discount

On behalf of a grateful family, Rest Ashured is pleased to provide a 50% discount for those whose loved one has served our great country (including prior military and first responders). 

In order to receive the Condolence Code necessary for the discount, we request the appropriate documentation verifying the person’s service.  This could be a copy of their discharge form, ID card, certificate, etc.  If these are not available, please give us a call to discuss other forms of verification.

This discount does not apply to burial at sea.

Follow These Five Simple Steps:


Pick a scattering service.


Watch for a package from us with all necessary packing materials.


Ship the package to us.


Receive a Certificate of Release.


Rest Ashured.