Before You Finalize Your Funeral Plan

Rest Ashured helps you pre-plan unique, affordable arrangements.

Now is your chance to decide exactly how you would like for your life to be celebrated. By preplanning, you keep your family from having to make difficult decisions at an emotional time — and you can also spare them the financial burdens of an expensive funeral plan.

One way to greatly reduce costs is to choose cremation from one of the many fine funeral services in this area. After cremation, Rest Ashured steps alongside your family to complete the process of laying the ashes to rest in a dignified, fitting way.

We maintain a beautiful mountaintop scattering garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains with breathtaking views. But we can also assist with special arrangements, such as burial at sea off the coast of Virginia Beach, Topsail Island, North Carolina, or the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Contact us to include the affordable, meaningful options we provide as part of your planning. We can discuss unique locations and scattering services, as well as permanent markers Memory Trees, personalized memorial stones, and more. 

tree in rocks memorial

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Contact us learn more about these planning options.

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Scatter Garden


When the time comes, your ashes will be scattered with care on our private property, which overlooks the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and portions of the James River. A personalized, engraved memorial stone will be placed beneath the tree.

Memory Tree


If you wish, we will plant an evergreen tree on our secluded private property, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Once your order is placed, we will plant the tree in your honor. Then, when the time comes, we will respectfully incorporate your ashes with fresh ground cover around the base of the tree.A personalized, engraved memorial stone will be placed beneath the tree.

Some Common Questions Regarding Pre-Planning:

Military & First Responder Discount

On behalf of a grateful family, Rest Ashured is pleased to provide a 50% discount for those whose loved one has served our great country (including prior military and first responders). 

In order to receive the Condolence Code necessary for the discount, we request the appropriate documentation verifying the person’s service.  This could be a copy of their discharge form, ID card, certificate, etc.  If these are not available, please give us a call to discuss other forms of verification.

This discount does not apply to burial at sea.