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4 Beautiful Places to Have Your Ashes Scattered

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If you don’t own cemetery property, or already have a spot reserved for scattering, you should plan your ash scattering location. Otherwise, your cremation ashes may become something that weighs on your family. They will mean to “do something” with them, but feel paralyzed by the decision. 

We recommend reserving a scattering location along with your other end-of-life planning details. Then, your loved ones will experience relief knowing they followed your last wishes.

Table of Contents

Planning a Future Scattering Service
How it Works
A Place to Visit
4 Beautiful Ways to Have Your Ashes Scattered
In a Scattering Garden
With a Memorial Tree
With a Flowering Memorial Shrub
Together with a Loved One

If you choose direct cremation, your remains will be processed and handed over to the person you specify. It skips the funeral home (and related fees) entirely. 

Then, your family can hold a memorial service on their schedule. After, they can send your ashes for scattering — whenever they feel ready. 

Planning a Future Scattering Service

You can reserve your ash scattering location as part of your final wishes. This gives your family peace of mind — knowing they carried out your last request.

At Rest Ashured, we can help you select a scattering location and reserve your spot. You’ll have documentation to keep with your other important files. Then, when the time comes, your family can simply contact us to start the process. 

How it Works

When you pre-plan with us, your family can contact us directly. The process follows a few simple steps.

1. Contact Us

We’ll review your account and confirm the details. 

2. Watch for a Rest Ashured package

We’ll ship everything they need including boxes, labels, tape, and simple instructions.

3. Ship the package

After following the packing instructions, your family will drop the package at a local post office. 

4. Receive a Certificate of Release

Once we receive the package, we’ll scatter your ashes in your reserved location. After this unattended scattering, we send a Certificate of Release that includes the date and the exact location of the scattering.

A Place to Visit

Scattering at our private property creates a place for your loved ones to visit in the future. Rest Ashured is situated on secluded, private property — recognized by the County and permanently safe from development and intrusion. 

However, this discrete location is not set up for day-to-day traffic. Therefore, we open the property twice a year for a special “Day of Celebration.” We will notify all families in our records in advance of these events.

We hold one event in the spring and another in the fall. On those two days, friends or family members are invited to come celebrate the life of a late loved one. Visitors use this time to remember and reflect.

4 Beautiful Ways to Have Your Ashes Scattered

We offer four beautiful ways to scatter ashes on our property. 

In a Scattering Garden

Scatter Garden in Virginia

Our scattering garden exists on a naturally beautiful mountaintop property. We cleared it slightly to enhance the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and portions of the James River. 

It’s an extraordinary site where every hour of the day brings new gifts. After sunrise, early morning clouds often nestle at eye level just across the river. A nearby waterfall provides soothing sounds of rest and tranquility. The light breeze is as constant as the abundant wildlife living in and around this bluff. Later, a spectacular sunset over majestic mountains will take center stage. And after the sun goes down, the stars take over; away from the glow of city lights, the crystal-clear views of the heavens are rivaled only by those of the mountains. Here, life is undisturbed and unfiltered…revealing the awe of the Creator’s handiwork each day.

If you select this option, we reverently scatter your ashes in our mountaintop garden. Then, we place your engraved memorial stone at your site.

With a Memorial Tree

Memorial tree in virginia

If you select a memorial tree, we will plant an evergreen tree in your honor. Your ashes will be placed around the base of the tree, a scattering process known as ringing. Fresh mulch will blanket the ashes and display your beautifully engraved memorial stone.

A Memory Tree can also be plantedMemory Tree Planning without your ashes.  Some families simply want a living memorial.  We plant a tree and place a memory stone below, to serve as a testament to the family’s love and reverence.

With a Decorative Memorial Shrub

River Rock Memorial Stone

You can also choose a decorative shrub for our memory garden. As we plant, we will respectfully scatter your ashes. Then,  we place an engraved and personalized memorial stone beneath your flowering shrub.

A memory shrub can also be planted without your ashes. After planting, we will place a memory stone at the base of your shrub.

Together with a Loved One

Together Forever Stone

Sometimes, couples wish to have their ashes scattered at the same time and place, forever intermingled. 

With the “Together Forever” option, both your ashes and a loved one will be added to our scattering garden at the same time. We place a joint memorial stone to display the couple’s names. We also offer this option for our memory trees.

With this service, the ashes of both individuals would be provided to Rest Ashured at the same time and released at the same time. This means that the scattering would not occur until both persons have passed. 

Ask Us About Having Your Ashes Scattered

At Rest Ashured, we help people say goodbye to their loved ones with unattended ash scattering ceremonies. 

We are honored by each scattering, and we strive to help people say goodbye with dignity and respect. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us. Call 434-534-4007 or email us at